Hello Folks ! 

I am trying to decide which guitar i would purchase. 

At the moment i am very interested in the Banshee Elite-7 FR S. 

Because it ( for me at least ) is a expensive guitar, I want to keep the risk of disappointment as low as possible. ( there are not stores here 
where i can try out one of these guitars ! ). 

So the concern i have is that i will not like the neck, in particular the neck finish ( the part where the hand touches the neck when going from low to high and back). I have this concern because i have played on one of these : 


So the ibanez xpt700, in the green color. 

In the image you can see that the back of the neck is the same green as the rest of the guitar, but i really disliked playing this. ( I loved the guitar but not the finish ). All my ibanez guitars have a glossy finish on the back of the neck.

So my question is ( because specs on the internet do not give any insight into this ), is the black coating on the back of the neck of the banshee elite ( 6,7 )  also glossy or more harsh like a paint coating similar to the xpt700 ?

I hope you folks can help me out !! 

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The Banshee Elite's necks & backs are all satin (only the tops are gloss) so it will have a nice and smooth playing neck.