Does anyone tried both together? I just bought proco rat distortion pedal and tried with this amp and it sounds like shit. I tried all settings but it seems that it doesn't fit all. It sounds muddy as fuck. Amp sounds really good with Boss sd-1 overdrive pedal. Any opinions?
Rat is a distortion pedal sd-1 is an overdrive. Sounds like you have to much gain going
I know which is which. My settings on amp is: Presence 5, Treble 8, Middle 6, Bass 8,5-9 and gain on about 7 or 8. Cab is Orange ppc212 closed back with V30's. It doesn't sound like it's too much gain when i'm playing with Sd-1. Actually i'm using ultra gain on amp, but i tried when its on classic also. I was reading somewhere that V30's doesn't work well with pedals. I don't know if it's true. 
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I was reading somewhere that V30's doesn't work well with pedals. I don't know if it's true. 

Bawhahhahahaha!  A speaker just reproduces what it receives.  It can't tell whether you've used a pedal or not.  The V30 is a very middy speaker though so if you're boosting mids with your amp and using a pedal that enhances mids, it may very well be too much of a good thing.  Nothing the 'ol EQ can't fix though.

Are you using your RAT with its gain turned down?  It is very likely introducing too much gain into the preamp which just = way too much gain/saturation in the long run.  Try running the gain on your amp a bit lower and running the gain on the RAT at zero, then slowly increase it to get the saturation you need.  

If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the Marshall JCM + a RAT the very recipe for thrash in the 80s?
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I'll have to give it a try once more with different settings as you mentioned. I like how amp sounds with sd-1 alone actually, but wanted to try distortion pedal also. For me, with sd-1, when i'm hitting power chords, it has enough crunch but it seems it lacks a little bit crunch when tremollo picking.
And one more thing. I didn't have opportunity to play really loud with my amp, yet, because i'm playing at home right now. But maybe with a band and bigger volume would be a different story.
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Gain on 7 or 8 is a huge part of the problem especially on the high gain channel. Then you're adding the rat. Not a happening combo. Turn down the bass as well. Of course the sd-1 sounds better as it just gooses the gain.

Ease up on the distortion and your spun will improve. Try the rat on a clean or slightly dirty channel and your sound should clean up
^ agreed that Marshall has plenty of gain on tap. When I had mine I never used a gain pedal, not a fan anyway. I loved ODs and TS pedals through it though. Great amp.
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