I think I posted this in the wrong forum initially...

Hey everyone, I'm new here- so here's some background....

I've played guitar for about 15 years, owned a wide variety of different guitars and amps, played in bands, and am quite mechanically inclined.

So I'm recently getting back into playing regularly after playing on and off for years bc of life getting in the way. The guitar in question is a rare Squier Starfire- which was an ES-335 style guitar only made for a short while, and from my understanding is basically a re-badged Dearmond Starfire. The only thing that's been upgraded are the pickups...I took out the Duncan Designed pickups and replaced them with a set of Epiphone Probuckers (PB-2 neck and PB-3 bridge)- love 'em.

Anyway, my question is this- I'm getting some buzz at the saddle on the G string. The guitar is properly intonated and everything. I think the issue is the tailpiece height. When I got the guitar years ago (04-05), I had gotten it used from Guitar Center. I don't know if the prior owner had messed with the adjustments, I know I didn't. It's always had this issue, but I never cared enough to address it until now. The guitar plays beautifully, so I don't want to change the action or anything like that.

Does anyone know what the stock specs are for tailpiece and bridge height on an ES-335? I don't want to overdo any adjustments I make. 
The bridge and tailpiece are adjustable to let you set string height properly. There's no standard bridge height because of this; there's no point making it variable otherwise. Adjust it as needed.
Oh, ok gotcha. I wasn't sure if there was a particular "stock" setting that Gibson would set them at from the factory. Thanks!
Gibson sets up the string height and action to standard heights (their manual with this information is available online) and let the bridge fall where it will, within reason. The tailpiece should generally be as low as possible without letting the strings hit the side of the bridge.
Adjust the neck relief and then the bridge height to set the action.  there is no standard height.