Hi guys, 
i bought around a year ago ( in 2 months is a year i think ) a gibson sg brand new, which come with few issues... first time i said is not a big deal, but now became a mental problem.
The guitar Binding is not straight along the neck, and get something like very very small chips.
I have warranty for guitar, but i dont know if deserve; i need to send it to Germany where o bunch of shop experts going to give their opinions about that...

What would you do?
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careless112 If it plays well and sounds correct, just leave it as it is. However, if the guitar is chipping really badly due to the binding not done well, you must approach the shop you bought it from and ask them to check.
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noobyXD The guitar sounds very good for me, have a great sustain and i was having in the past pretty good guitar to make a comparison between them.