I'd like to buy a new guitar amplifier for my B.c. Rich, I'd just like to spend not more than 250 actually.
Any tip? Thanks!
There are a lot of variables...are you looking for a head/cab or a combo? Tube or SS? Wattage?

If you're looking for a combo, the best bang for your buck, I'd recommend getting a used Marshall Valvestate off eBay or Reverb. The first series ones...like the 8080 (I have one), which is an 80W 1x12. They also have the 8280, which is the same amp with 2x12. These amps are mainly SS, but have a single tube in the preamp. These can be had on eBay for around $150-300 depending on condition and if you can catch a deal. A lot of people hate them, but they sound good, they're very giggagble and hey, it's a Marshall.

Anything Tube is going to be WAY out of your $250 budget.
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I got a Marshall Code25 for bedroom playing and love it to pieces, best 200 bucks I've ever spent.
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I feel like over about 600 bucks (maybe up to a grand), you start getting into diminishing returns.

My favorite amp is an Ampeg Reverb Rocket. I paid like, 300 bucks for mine.
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I mentioned the Marshall 8080 above, but my absolute favorite amp is my Guitar Research T64RS half stack...and I'd recommend it if it were readily available. They were discontinued a long time ago and are tricky to find in good shape. It was a Sam Ash special for under $300...their house brand. It's a 60W valvestate head into a 4x8 cabinet. Doesn't sound like much, but that amp SCREAMS and sounds AMAZING. At home, I don't put the master volume above 2-3, bc it's that loud. When I was in a band, that was my main amp and it cut above the drums very nicely. I don't think I'v ever cranked it past 7 or 8, bc I haven't ever needed to.