So I have a few amps that I'm in the process of repairing, and wanted to get some wisdom from a few fellow gear nerds.

First problem: Sovtek Mig 100 

No volume, power surges. So I retubed the whole thing, both pre and power, and still no good through any input or on any channel. After plugging in to test, the powertubes glowed brighter (likely a higher current draw?), and it still doesn't work.

My thought is that it's something downstream from the power tubes, but I don't know what yet. 

Second problem: Epiphone Blues Custom 30
Low volume, blew a fuse. I retubed the power section, and tried to see if it was a preamp tube. The fuse stays good now, but still low volume and constant low frequency hum.

I'll probably retube the whole preamp section, but I don't know if that's the problem.

Third problem: Epiphone So-Cal 50
No power, blown fuse.  I haven't gotten into this one yet, but my guess is that a simple power tube refresh will fix it.

Any thoughts on the subject? I've got other things that I'm fixing, too, so hopefully I can get all of these things to work over time.
It could be bad filter caps causing the issue with the epi and sovtek.  Also, have you tried rebiasing the power tubes after you replaced them?
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