Hey logic I listened to Chimera cloud and just some criticisms I have are as followed. It needs more structure you're using to many ideas in one recording, I am guilty of this too from time to time specially on some of my earlier recordings. And that's a easy mistake to make when you make guitar instrumental music. But you need to calm down a little and for now take like 2 good ideas and repeat them through the song. The guitar needs to be the voice, Andy James is someone you can learn a lot from by just listening to how he structures nearly all his songs they are predictable but it works every time and is enjoyable to listen to. It also helps that he has killer chops but he is first and foremost a good songwriter and that takes a lot of practice so start working on it now. 
Another criticism I have is you can play the guitar for sure but your timing on a lot of these riffs are off. Take these ideas and techniques you can play and hone them in a bit with strict timing. You have some really cool ideas in this recording and I am not trying to come off rude I am just trying to help you because you got potential and I can tell this is something you enjoy doing. stop worrying about being progressive and get back to some of the basics. Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff down the road keep on rocking.