Holy Crap! Okay I've been working on my baby for over a year (got screwed with crap weather days, couldn't finish it ect.) and finally I thought I was close to done, but nooooooooo  

So let me get to the point.

I think I messed up bad... Hopefully not...

So this is a 87' Epiphone Spotlight which I've removed the floating Trem and redid the wood to in the end, make it a tune-omatic bridge. My friend did a great job on her art piece and I need to stress I cannot mess this up... 

I attempted to clear coat this and I think maybe I went too think, too much at once, not waiting enough between coats maybe... 
As I went to do my first sanding it orange peeled, bad.... In an attempt to fix this I kept going with the wet sanding and once again it just did not improve. I am not sure where to go from here to correct this error. 

In my opinion I think I need to add more clear now but am curious if I can throw it on over the orange peel if I do it light enough. Or not... Basically how do I go about fixing this and bringing it to completion. I'm getting clueless now as this is the first time ive done this. Hopefully you can help me out guys...

I used Automotive black spray paint for the black coats and she used acrylics for her art. As well I used Rustoleum Acrylic Enamel clear for my clear. I'm desperate for knowledge, this was my first guitar (had it for 10 years) and my baby. I wanted to finish this into a one of a kind monster.

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Acrylic Enamel takes a long time to "dry" before you can wetsand away the orange peel. If you had used Acrylic Lacquer for the Black colorcoat and Acrylic paint pen for the artwork, the Acrylic Lacquer clearcoat would take just 24 hours for you to wetsand any drips or orange peel.

If it's been several days or weeks since you've last clearcoated it with the Enamel, it should be safe to gently wetsand with 2000 grit. Soak the sandpaper overnight.

Sand away the errors gently, making sure not to get down to the artwork. Remove the debris completely with a damp cloth.

When spraying the enamel, pay special attention to the recommended distance. Make sure that you spray with a sweeping motion, start a few inches away from one edge and sweep a few inches past the other edge.

You can build up the thickness by going through the whole body 3X. Wait 2 hours for 3 more times, wait 2 hours, then 3 more coats. Do not wetsand.

Do the above for 2 more days and you should end up with a total of 27 clear coats.

Wait 2 weeks at a minimum, then you can buff and polish.