I just picked up a Jet City JCA2212C. This this is absolutely killer! The only thing is im having a little hard time getting a Jake E Lee Badlands sound. Idk if I'm just not EQed properly or what. Any idea on how you guys would go about EQing for that tone? Crunch or overdrive channel? Anything helps! Thanks guys
great tone and not that easy to get. what else are you using. Jake used an overdrive into Marshalls but as i recall his amps had been modded by one of the amp gurus back then. 
I don't have any pedals at the moment cause I've been using a modeling amp for a couple years now and sold mine (really stupid) lol but for guitars I either have my Charvel Warren Demartini with his custom pickup the RTM or I have a MIJ Jackson DK2 with a JB in the bridge and the stock single coils.
your Charvel should do just fine. a little quick research shows that Jake use Marshall Plexi's with a Boss OD-1 in front (thats similar to a SD-1 but with no tone control) . i'd say the overdrive is the missing piece of the puzzle for you. they are pretty essential for most 80s metal tones. 
It always sounds really bassy even when I turn it down and then did he use a lot of gain? I know when I play Demartini, he uses a lot less gain than I imagined.
What speaker is in the cabinet? Usually cheaper tube amps have terrible speakers in them which bottlenecks the quality of tone you can get from the amp.

Something I often recommend getting is an EQ pedal like an MXR 10-band. They're hands down one of the most useful and versatile pedals you can possibly own. Insanely useful for every possible style of music and give you a lot of power to sculpt the guitar tone to exactly what you're looking for. The only downside with them is that because they're so powerful, they require a lot of careful tweaking.
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It always sounds really bassy even when I turn it down and then did he use a lot of gain? I know when I play Demartini, he uses a lot less gain than I imagined.

no he didn't use any more gain than any one else from that era and actually a little less. the overdrive it to tighten up the sound and make if more focused. Plexi's aren't high gain amps but when cranked they do produce a nice distortion sound.  a 10 band eq may be a good idea for you. 
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Would an SD1 do the trick?

yes it should. can't promise that you will suddenly sound like Jake but it should get you closer. 
yeah i agree with using some kind of a boost. i'm not really familiar with his badlands era, but if the tone is similar to with ozzy you'd probably want to keep the gain in the classic rock era and then hit the thing with a boost. a crunchier-sounding speaker might help too, as T00DEEPBLUE suggested (though the stock speaker in the jet cities isn't too bad for an OEM speaker).
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