Ok so as the title says, does anyone have any ideas to strengthen a once broken finger on my fret hand? I know practice practice pracrice, during the work week I get about an hour to 2 in every night and on weekends anywhere from 2 to 4 when wife and daughter are entertaining themselves. I've only been steadily playing the last 4 months, but many years ago broke my pinky all the way around clean through. I feel that this is hindwring my speed to an extent. I have a prs se custom 24, can bend, hammer ons, pull offs and dimebag squeals so not a complete noob but not far from it. I always try to challenge myself with something new every couple days to keep me going. Usually I do a lot of 1234 movements up and down the neck but feel it's not strengthening my finger like I would like. To be honest all of my fingers could benefit from this but my pinky especially. Any and all ideas are welcomed. I apologize if this is in the wrong area. Also forgot to add that until about a month ago my pinky would not move very fluent. It would have this jerky locking into place motion. I broke it about 15 years ago or so. The Doctor wanted to put a steel rod in it but I said no. I played guitar back then but this was what got me out of it. I won't let it stop me this time. I love playing to much even if I'm mot real good at it. I know with practice and time I will become good.
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You really need to speak to a doctor about this. Essentially what you're talking about is rehabilitation and nobody here can offer any meaningful advice.

There could be absolutely nothing wrong a d you're just being over critical of yourself, but you need to speak to a medical professional if you want to put your mind at rest.
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Thanks Steven, won't be able to do that for a whike lol. Still owe some pricey Doctor bills. I will admit my pinky has come a long way from what it used to be. I think I may have worded my questioning wrong as well, just wanting idea for guitar fretboard excersizes for the fingers. I know thr Doctor would just want to re break it and pin it and I refuse to pin. I accept the fact it will always hinder me to an extent.