Looking for a budget bass DI/preamp to record Bass guitar. When I record bass using a regular DI (Radial PRO48 or PRODI) I get a nice DI bass tone. With Compression and EQ the clean bass sound good. But When I duplicate the track and distort the duplicate, to add it to the DI bass to make it sound thicker, I get a lot of noise from the all the amp sim/distorting software I tried.

I am considering an external unit. Something like the MXR M80, M81 or the Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver V2. I am looking for something versatile that I could use with a number of basses and styles. Preferably below 300. What would you recommend?
Look for a Zoom MS-60B
Gilchrist custom
Yamaha SBG500
Randall RM100 & RM20
Marshall JTM45 clone
Marshall JCM900 4102 (modded)
Marshall 18W clone
Fender 5F1 Champ clone
Atomic Amplifire
Marshall 1960A
Boss GT-100

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