Hello everyone,
I would like to know what online band is, what the differences between the physical band and how it works.
Also i would like to know your opinion about starting the first band.
1)How soon should i start/join it?
2)Should my bandmates be versatile(i mean: have different genre influences beside one that we play)?
3)Should i become more skillful guitarist before joining the band?

If it posibble, name some resources that can help me in forming online band.
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I guess the most obvious difference between an "online band" and a "physical band" would be that you can't really play gigs with an online band (obviously, because the members of an online band most likely don't live near each other). Actually, the only thing you could do would be writing and recording songs, because jamming together doesn't really work online (due to latency issues). If it's going to be your first band, I would recommend joining/starting a "physical band". That's most likely going to be more fun and you will learn more from it. Playing in a band is a skill of its own and you will only learn it by doing it. And recording your own parts is not the same as playing in a band. I see an "online band" more as a recording collaboration.

1) As soon as possible.
2) It depends. I wouldn't really worry about it that much. You want to find musicians that you enjoy playing with. If your tastes are too different, you probably won't enjoy playing the same music. Sure, if everybody in the band likes, let's say pop punk or whatever the genre is that you want to play, but everybody also has their own influences, for example someone has some jazz background and some other has some classical background, etc, that's most likely only going to be a positive thing. But I don't think you should choose your band members based on that. And since it's going to be your first band, you shouldn't be too selective any way.
3) I don't know how skillful you are, but I think people should start playing with other people as soon as possible. That will also make you so much better guitarist. It may not make you that much better technically speaking, but your sense of rhythm and listening abilities and your overall "musicianship" will improve. You will learn to play musically.

As I said, I think an "online band" would be more of a recording collaboration, because I don't see how it would work as an actual band. It could of course be fun. But if you want to play in a band, I would suggest joining/starting a "physical band". Also, I'm pretty sure an online band would work much better when you know your role in a typical band.
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thank you for answering. I am living in Russia and it complicated for me to find real band, because my timetable is busy(usually only Sunday is free,but know i am fully free), finding people with similar interests and almost similar age+currently i am living in the countryside. So, i decided to maybe join/form online band. By the way, do you know any sites/ forums(beside UG)/resources that can help me to collaborate/find bandmates(even for real band)?
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I have two stories.

First, in terms of an "online" band - me and my friends (early 20's) started a fake band.  It had 8 members, we created a website with all original artwork, took promo photos, photoshopped action shots from our other bands, put up flyers on poles with old dates to suggest we've already been playing shows.  This was around 2006 or so, so the whole Myspace band thing was huge.  We "whored" ourselves on myspace and ended up with a few thousand friends.  With no songs, no practice, etc we got ourselves booked as the opener for a cannibal corpse show and just droned for 10 minutes and called it quits. 

Second story.  I participated in a recording project that became an online thing of sorts.  The guy who started the project was very well known in the music community and had several national tours under his belt.  Me and my friend were brought in to work on a demo album with him - connection being my friend was a graphic designer who had done album work for his past band/s.  Half way through he moved to Alaska and the project remained over the interwebs.  Then he found local guys to play the songs that were worked on for over a year, and now that band can be heard in grocery stores and has articles in Rolling Stone.  
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Also I didn't answer your questions at all.  Yes you can do an online band.  It's relatively low commitment outside of having follow through.  I know several people who did / does them, and it seems the most successful projects came out of them marketing themselves well.  They recording several songs, provided great samples of diverse playing ability.  They found other members mostly through craigslist and facebook.   
"I definitely don’t write all my music in a blackout, like I used to, although I did come up with some good stuff in a blackout."
-Matt Fucking Pike