Hey folks,

what are these sounds called and how do I replicate those ?

[url="(Invalid video video code)] at 0:05 - 0:07


[url="(Invalid video video code)] at 2:21 - 2:23

I assume those are sort of harmonics with a certain setting in the amp to make it noisy.
Thanks in advance!
The second clip is blocked in my country but for the first one it could be feedback. You can achieve it by using a lot of gain and volume and standing near your amp. Amps have sweet spots for it so it helps to move around and face it until you get it to feed back decently. It also could be a pinch harmonic because it sounds like the guitars are super multitracked on the OPM OP so there could be a guitar in the background hitting a pinch harmonic and then letting it ring out into feedback.  

Do you have any other examples you can post?
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