Just wondering why in grrrr there are NO chords for Redbone songs other than the ubiquitous pop hit "Come And Get Your Love?"
This is hardly their only song, and not even their best song.  This group had FOUR ALBUMS before the album Wovoka, containing CAGYL. 
Their early songs were totally badass.  Their first album alone is a guitar enthusiast's dream.  Rock/ funk/ jazz, etc. and some
Cajun rock and/ or swamp rock.  It will blow your mind.  PLEASE someone please please can we have more Redbone chords? 
Particularly hoping for "Where is Your Heart" from their album "Already Here."  Would love to see chords for "Crazy Cajun Cakewalk Band"
 and "Danse Calinda" as well.  FWIW.  Seems such a waste of time for there to be 20 versions of CAGYL and nothing else?  
If you love guitar music, sound, playing guitar, etc. you're going to LOVE Redbone's first 4 albums, I guarantee you. 
If I see one more version for CAGYL posted like, srsly wtf? Anyhow, help if u can ty.  Found several on Riffstation but no 
luck w/ "Where is Your Heart."  That's not a super badass guitar song, btw, I just like it. =) 
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