I have a Marshall DSL40C I have a Celestion G12M65 in the amp. I like the speaker and I plan on keeping that speaker inside the cabinet. I am looking for another speaker to have a different flavour for the amp and Having the speaker in an external amp. The two speakers that I was considering are the Celestion Vintage 30 or the G12T75. There is no local market for the speakers so I connot buy or re-sell them used, I have to import the the speakers new. Any suggestions?
Depends on what you're looking for tonally.
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I already have the speaker found in the DSL40CST! I like it, I just want to have more options. The V30 is a bit fizzy and has a narrow frequency response but it is punchy and works on many occasions. I never tried the G12T75 but they seem very popular with Marshall amps.
i haven't tried the creamback versions, but the G12H30 pairs really well with the regular G12M greenback for classic to hard rock tones. The creamback version of the G12H30 might be worth considering for that reason.
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