I was thinking as of late about getting an electric violin, something that could be used for interesting textures in recordings. An acoustic one would be harder to record well in my "studio" situation, and I also suspected a "good acoustic" would cost more than what's regarded as a "good electric", but frankly, from the few comparisons I've listened to (didn't find too many), I kept thinking how I like the acoustic's sound better with its deeper timbre.

But I also know that some people have been using bows with electric guitars. I thought about how combining it with a fretless could probably give a very interesting effect... Well, I was also looking after fretless guitars recently anyway because I thought having one could be interesting, but I found zero offerings locally and on eBay there was nothing really viable for ordering. I also have three electric guitars, but the one I'm not using these days is some 1992 American Stratocaster with Floyd Rose Classic, which would make for a really bad choice for fretless-conversion.

Anyway, I did find this one video some guy made with a fretless guitar and a bow. Nothing virtuosic, obviously, as a guitar's bridge and neck are not arched like those of bowed instruments, but it still sounds pretty cool.