Actually got this the other day, but forgot to make a NGD here.

Only 39 made worldwide, 12 sold through Killerburst, the rest here in Europe, according to Ibanez Wikia. Plays fantastic. Great low action, much better intonation than my other 7 string (a 1998 demo model of a Schecter C7 Diamond Series). It's got the Lo Pro Edge, PAF7 pick ups, birdseye maple fingerboard....what else have we. It was set up with a bit higher action than I wanted, but after a small set up when I got it, it's so easy to play, you can almost push the strings down by just looking at them  The PAFs sound great so far, though I'm gonna take some time to compare them to the ToneZone and Air Norton in my RG3570Z. Really looking forward to getting to know this guitar some more. 

Here are some pics:

And here's a short sloppy video, with an arpeggio thingie, as well as testing Xsplit Broadcaster with some nice multi-cam setup as well as a screen capture of BIAS FX.

Looks sweet! The color is different than what you usually see from Ibanez, but it looks sharp.

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That's gorgeous!
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Looks sweet! The color is different than what you usually see from Ibanez, but it looks sharp.


It's restrained but stylish. Sort of like a bespoke charcoal suit.
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That's just purdy!!! Well done good sir. Nice to see a different Ibby every now and again.
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Beautiful congrats on scoring one of such limited number! 
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Thanks guys! Here's another quick video with the arpeggio from the first post running through some chords, bit sloppy, but hey...:

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