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No you are just lazy. Like doing any other thing, talking to people also takes some effort from a person. But someone's gotta do it. And especially when you are  a musician you gotta do it, no one will give you gigs because you are introverted. No one cares. Everyone has their own set of problems, no one is sitting there like a vulture trying to devise methods to drain your energy. Ohh your precious energy! what are you doing with all that saved energy anyway? Saving it for doing what? 
Would you rather be getting shit done , playing gigs, recording albums or sitting in starbucks with your macbook and write blogs about how introverted people are bunch of precious flowers of a secret Himalayan valley.
Who is suppressing you ? why are you afraid to express? Get over yourself. 
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Well said. I was in four piece band back in the 80's that was pretty good and working constantly. As we started to get more of a following we decided to incorporate a few ideas that the bass player and I were use to from a previous band we were in together. Simple stuff that we all agreed upon (being on time, knowing the songs when you came to rehearsal, etc.). One thing that really worked well in our previous band was to encourage each member of the band to get off the stage and socialize with the audience during breaks for at least a few minutes. Nothing more than walking around for 5-10 minutes saying hello and thank you for coming out and supporting the band. We all agreed that that would benefit the band, it was a simple thing to do and made people feel appreciated. Although we all agreed to it, our drummer always just wandered off to a corner or another room and sat by himself drinking a beer. When we talked to him about it he said, "It's just not my thing. I like to keep to myself and I am not good at talking to people I don't know". Soon he started coming to rehearsals not knowing the material we needed to rehearse. He said that rehearsal time is for learning the song and his time outside of the band should be used at his discretion. 

Needless to say, this lazy a**hole was replaced within months. He seriously didn't understand why. 
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I'm very close to either closing this thread or throwing it into the pit, so keep it civil if you actually want to discuss these things.

Rick: someone showing up to rehearsals without knowing the material has nothing to do with being an introvert, or shy or anything like that. That's lazy, sure, but laziness is a separate trait. And for what it's worth, I wouldn't want to talk to strangers either.

OP: telling someone to "get over" their own defining personality traits is dumb. I'm also pretty sure that you have no idea what introversion means. Of course it's not an excuse, but you're making it sound like all introverts are lazy, and that if they just stopped being introverts they'd get things done. To be honest, it seems like you've read a few too many of those clickbait articles that praise introverts for dumb reasons, and you're a bit butthurt because no one is giving you a pat on the back.

Lazy people are lazy. Introverted people are introverted. An introvert can be lazy. A non-introvert can also be lazy. These things are not related to each other. This thread is silly.
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You can close the thread, or toss it to the depths bellow, wouldn't make much difference to me. 
Point is if you are given a task to do, and you have accepted to do it, regardless of weather it is hard for your or not. Or delegate the task to others in good time.
Telling everyone that you're a snowflake ain't helping anyone. Either get rich and hire yourself a manager to do basic tasks like sending a mail to a venue and calling someone on phone to follow-up on some conversation you started. Come'on don't expect world to spoon-feed you.
Kev, you are right. Lazy is not introverted. 
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i can kinda see where the correlation comes from. when i'm around other people, i can perform like an extrovert and really engage people, but it requires all my senses to be on full alert and it's incredibly emotionally draining. it's like a battery, and when i run out of emotional capacity, even simple things that i do every day can become burdensome. it can be really hard to juggle emotional labor sometimes, and it can feel like people are suffocating you when they misinterpret this. this is part of why i don't play out with people much, personally

but there are worse things than not wanting to play in a cover band with a bunch of sweaty guys. people have different tools for different things
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