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I've always been a Gibson player. My first ever guitar was a cheap knock-off LP (at like 12 years old), moved to an SG at around 15 and then onto my much loved Wine Red & Gold Les Paul Standard.

Fender never really 'done it for me' (PS I had only played Strats, which I didn't and still don't feel comfortable playing), but over the past year I have had a growing love for the Telecaster. Not knowing much about Fenders I posted on UG and ended up with an Elite Series Tele in Aged Cherry Burst (shes hot btw...)

Now, I am finding that I love this guitar. I love my LP, but the Tele just feels so much more... I don't know, it has something. Kinda connects to me and the way I feel and the way I like to express myself through the strings (sorry if that sounds weird).

Question is - I know the tele 'purists' are not big on the Deluxe / Elite models, but for the rest of you guys; what do you make of the new Elite Series and in particular, the N4 pups?

I get an incredible twangy tone out of these but see so many saying that they don't sound like a real Tele?

Just would like to hear your opinions, especially the guys who have had / have Fenders through the years and through all the changes.

Thanks in Advance  
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I know the tele 'purists' are not big on the Deluxe / Elite models, but for the rest of you guys
Oh, so I don't get an opinion?

Honestly, the only issue I have with the Elite and Deluxe Teles is that they use those ugly Strat-saddle bridges There are vastly better looking options to be had, even if you need 6 saddles.

I think the N4s sound fine; I'm sure on some level it's "not quite right" but if my crappy ears can't hear it and the normal people who listen to my crappy playing can't hear it, who cares?
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have you considered RI fender stuff? definitely more true the past but no bells and whistles
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other than the occasional pick up they forget to wire in, i've heard good things about the elite models.