Hey all!
Im new to the forums and maybe some of you can help me out.
I got my Ibanez guitar a few years back and Im not quite sure what is the exact model of the guitar.
I know (or think) its from the S prestige series, but still no idea of the exact model.

serial number on the back is: F0835292

thank you!

I can't really see whether the production country is Japan at the back of the neck, but based on serial info and going forward from there, this one is very likely a S470DX model produced in October 2008. There are some references to a derivative QM, but that stands for Quilted Maple Top, but your guitar here is a Flamed Maple Top. That's a quality built guitar!
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Thanks for the help!
Quote by Vampire_State
An expensive one.

also, how expensive? as Im thinking of selling and getting somthing a bit different
From what i see around on the internet, the value seems to be around $400 US, which is still decent for a second hand non-vintage guitar. It can help finance your next purchase easily.