Ok so I am building up my rack system and have a few questions about signal path and where to put things. So far I just have the following

Egnator Vengeance

Pedal Board:
Boss NS-2
Ibanez Tube Screamer
MXR 10-Band EQ

Furman PWR Conditioner
Korg Tuner
TC Major G-Major

My current Signal Chain

(PRE) Guitar--->Tuner---->Tube Screamer---->Boss NS-2----->Amp In

(POST) G-Major--->MXR 10 Band Eq

I bought a BBE 382i where it insert into the signal chain? I know if should be in the POST but before or after the TC G-Major?

Any help is appreciated

Why not try it both ways and then tell us which sounds better?  I would suspect the BBE should be last.
When I had a rack setup for my synth rig I used my BBE right before my amps, BUT, it was the crossover version so that sort of spelled it out from there.  That being said, in terms of my setup compared to your setup, it would imply that placement would before the Amp in, not Post.  I have a few friends who use them and they place them last in the Pre.  Maybe we're all drinking funny tasting water, never heard of a requirement for to be in Post.
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