Hej fellow Guitar Maniacs!

I have this huge problem I just can´t get a hold on.
My 2-notes-per-string licks suck....

Yes I mean simple pentatonics, Zakk Wylde repetition licks and so on

I started playing getting Intense Rock from PG in my hands.
I can shred away and am really fast and efficent when it comes to 3-notes-per-string licks.
Playing major/minor scales up and down with ease.

But when it comes to pentatonics and even rock cliches like 

--15-12-----------    ------12-15-12--
-----------15-12--    --14---------------

I just cannot get it to speed.

It feels like the more simple the lick is, the more trouble Im having getting it to speed.

Does someone had/has the same problem and found a solution for it? 
Cause practicing for hours doesnt seem to cut it.

Thank you very much!
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Hej fellow Guitar Maniacs!


That sounds like swede talk  
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I can shred away and am really fast and efficent when it comes to 3-notes-per-string licks.

Cause practicing for hours doesnt seem to cut it.

So, how did you become so fast and efficient with 3nps shapes? Because honestly you need to do the same thing for 2nps patterns as well. You already seem to know how to gain speed, so you just need to apply it.

And practicing for hours does cut it, but you need to practice the right things. There is no other way around this: you just need to practice 2nps shapes and solos that use them and work your way up. Slow those licks way down and make sure you can play them cleanly on a very slow speed.
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To increase my speed I played faster than I could. It sucked.
But I kept pushing it until one day all the pieces fell into place and I made my first solo that I was proud of.

Just keep pushing.
If I understood your question correctly, you could try pick downwards on the highest string, on that 12th fret, then hammer on the others, then upwards pick on the next string and use your ring finger to hammer down on that 14th fret
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Parac that's not really a solution to the problem.  Yeah, the notes might get out, but it won't sound the same as if it was picked at all, and that's the point at the end of it, right?
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practice alternate picking the progression slowly and move up in speed when you feel comfortable with it. 
Firts of all: Thank you all for your time and contributions.

1. Picking/Hammer-On/Pull-Offs:
Yeah its not a thing how to pick or what kind of technique is used.
It is not a right hand problem at all.
It is really the speed of my left hand.

2. For all the Zakk Style pentatonics I use alternate picking.
What happens if I speed it up is, that my left hand will stiffen a little in terror when seeing the metronom rise.

-> I am really focusing on the relaxation. Like in 3-note-per-string, its no act of effort at all.

The main problem is that my left hand is just not playing with ease and speed.
alex.solo Have you tried "preparing" for the upcoming string (fretting hand)?   For example on an ascending pentaonic ...

a:   3  5
e:   3  6

As you're playing "6" with your 3rd or 4th finger, you could be starting to have your 1st finger lined up at the 3rd fret on the A string.

Another tip is to think of relaxing your fretting finger off the string, rather than "pulling off" or "lifting up".  You're not using force to lift the finger.  You're removing the tension that held it down.  This is quite subtle, and to develop that feeling you need to practice it ridiculously slowly so your brain and muscles involved are doing this.  But it does work.

Another thing to try is does playing fragments ... just the same 4 or 5 notes up and down.  Change the groupings.

Or try ...  (e.g. on 3rd string)

7T 5 7T 5 7 5 7 5 (repeat) ... chance are you can tap the 7th fret way faster, but br doing this in small bursts the hammer on at the 7th gets gradually faster.