Hey guys,
I'm very new to the guitar and learning through online course.
Got a question about strumming, specifically the D D U U D:
When I'm strumming, is the U supposed to be strummed instead of the D in the beat, or normally as an "and"?

I.e, am I supposed to play the strum as:  D  U(not strumming)  D  U(not strumming)  D(not strumming)  U  D(not strumming)  U  D  U(not strumming)?
Or is it just D D U U D (like in the same beat)?

Cheers in advance! 
Ok, the way it is is writen D D U U D is not complete or clear; but, for some reason, many "teachers" think it is.

D is a down strum and U is an up strum.

What you need to do is think about the beats in the bar.

1. Assume it is a 4/4 rythym

the beats would be 1   2   3   4

if they were all down beats then this could be played D   D   D   D

2. Now think about putting in the up beats using a + sign.

the beats are 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

if you were to play all of these then it would be D U D U D U D U

3. BUT for what you want to play:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
D   D U   U D 

Start with this lesson for further information:

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