Hi there.

One year ago I lost 2 of my left hand fingers: ring finger and pinky finger. Both of them are pretty short so I can not use them for playing guitar anymore.

In the past I found some article saying you can tune your guitar in diferent manner so you will be able to play again but I can't find it.

Can somebody help me please?

Thank you

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If you are not familiar with Django Reinhardt, do so.
He was in a very similar situation, his two fingers were withered in a fire and he could not use them.

If I could play half as well with all five, man.
Ok thanks I will dig something.. it does look very alike with my case..

By anychance do you know any of his tehnique?
His rhythm is unique. He made use of any "trick" or technique available. Watch videos of him, there are many.
Trills, hammering, he used strengths to forge a new sound.
Michael Keene has all his fingers but I've never seen him use his pinky finger during all of The Faceless shows I've been to. Dude is taking that shit for granted. 
Django was one of the great guitarists, irrespective of his injuries.

You could try an open tuning*, with or without slide, or lap steel (which I play a lot of these days). With that you can get major chords as simple barres, and play chord-melody using the open low string rather like drones. The choice between those options would depend to some extent on you genre(s).

* The common ones are open D or E, which have the same intervals just pitched differently, or open G or A, which also have the same intervals. Country lap steel players use extended chords like C6, mostly so they can get major and minor chords on the barres.
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I suggest you try DADGAD tuning which sounds really nice and has many chords with two fingers - not all of them though.
You can also tune your guitar to a chord E flat minor may work good for metal if that is what you are interested in - then a simple barre will give you all the minor chords and a barre with a finger should give you the major ones too.
You might also try a partial capo - that puts at A chord on your guitar and you just add notes to it.
PSimonR Thank you!!
That was the tune I was looking for. Do you know were I can find any documentation for DADGAD tuning chords? I really like to play guitar, but it is just a hobby, I am not a pro..
gabby.stroe From my own experience, I would encourage you to begin learning left handed playing rather than change tunings.  I lost my index, middle and ring fingers of my left hand in an industrial accident 39 years ago.  At that time, I had been playing right handed for 10 years.  If you do this, one advantage that you have is the opposing digit of your left index finger.  This will help you, in that you will be able to play tremolo.  Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead was missing his ring finger on his right hand, and he said at one point it actually helped his playing, since he felt it would have 'gotten in the way'.  Since I don't have an index finger, I switched to using a thumbpick, and focused on alternate bass picking, while singing and playing and learning a little harmonica with a neck rack..  You may find that the alternate tunings will limit you.  You didn't mention what type of music you're interested in playing and how long have you been playing?  BTW, (assuming you're naturally right-handed) this should not have any bearing in your decision to switch to lefty.  Back in '68 when  started playing, I took about 8 months of formal lessons and I was told by the music teacher that I would be taught right handed playing-although I am naturally left handed.   That was common practice at that time, and lefty instruments were virtually non-existent, although there were some famous lefty players(Hendrix, McCartney, Albert King, Otis Rush).
Well there are loads of open tunings you could use, DADGAD is just one of most well known and is a little bit more flexible. The easiest way to play chords in your case would actually to play upside down (with your left hand going over the top of the fretboard as opposed to under). You can play simple major and minor chords like this:

This would be a simple G major chord, where you index finger is lying across the bottom three strings, and the middle finger holding the B on the G string. For minor, it'd be the same but you'd move your middle finger down a fret. Depending on the key, you can also just let the top 2 strings ring out, if you played that same G chord but with the top 2 strings open you'd get a Gadd2, which sounds quite nice. These shapes are easily moveable, and if they're in the same key you can have the top 2 strings always ringing out which creates a nice drone or pedal point. Now since your case is unique, you may have a little hard time finding material about specific tunings that relate to how you may want to play, so I highly recommend you learn about theory and chord construction in particular. This way you'll be able to find chord voicings that are comfortable and are within your ability.

Learn to play with what you got, you're basically in the exact same boat as Django as someone already mentioned, so there's always a way. Here's a guitarist that after losing his arm in a train accident learnt to play complex music with just one hand; not the same scenario as you, but heck losing two fingers is a hell of lot better than a whole arm.

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Thank you all for advices! I was about to sell the guitar and quit the idea of playing guitar again... but now I am decided to try and find a solution and a style. I was playing guitar for 10 years folk style more or less (gospell music etc) but I am amateur, not a pro. I used to play guitar while singing gospells with my friends.

I will try each and every variants of you to see which will suit better for me. About playing guitar upsidedown- with right hand will be the last one, as my guitar is a Washburn with cut shape so for playing reverse, I will need another guitar, and I really love this one!! See the photo.
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