Hey ya'll,
Since this was pretty successful last time when I ended up buying the Ibanez RG655 prestige and am super happy with it I want to see if you guys can recommend me something this time around. 

Basically I am looking for a guitar that I can keep in dropped C with a fixed bridge. I'll be playing a lot of progressive metal(periphery, etc..) on it. 
Specs I am looking for:

Must have: 
-6 strings
-24 frets
-25.5 scale length
-Fixed bridge 
-Locking tuners
-Whatever PUPs you'd recommend for metal

Nice to have:
-White in color
-Les paul body, i know these are usually 24.5 scale length for some reason

Thank you!
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Do some googling of 25.5 single cut and you get all sorts of suggestions.  

Here's a Schecter - http://www.schecterguitars.com/guitars/hellraiser-solo-ii-2016-05-05-detail

I'd also look into a Semi-Custom Agile AL series - they'll make basically whatever you want - http://www.rondomusic.com/alcustomjan2016.html

Any preferences for fret size, neck radius, neck joint, neck profile, etc?  
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Kiesel makes these 24 fret LPclones in a 25" scale. They only use their own pickups- Lithiums have been getting mixed reviews for metal. Nearly everything else on your list is an option.
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If you can find a used Charvel Desolation DS-1ST it hits all your marks with the exception of colour. I believe they did do a white model but since its a used market you will be more limited.
Agile will make that guitar for you on a semi-custom basis. See the RondoMusic dot com website. In fact, they'll make you one with neck-through construction, with or without chambering, with stainless frets if you prefer, with a wider nut (1 3/4"), and so on.

Agile also has a stock 627 series available in a couple of different completion options, but these are guitars with a 27" scale (and I haven't seen a white one). And you'd probably have to change out the existing tuners for lockers. I have an AL727 (LP body, 24 frets, but 7 strings and a 27" scale.

Finding that particular combination of specs might be difficult otherwise. Gibson made the Buckethead model guitar which would cover a lot of those bases, but it's got a 27" (as I recall) scale. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Buckethead-Signature-Les-Paul.aspx

Might be difficult finding one of those, but it's worth a look.

I'd suggest that you reconsider a couple of the items on your list, and that might make things a little easier. Specifically, locking tuners and "metal" pickups. Those are items that can be changed to your taste easily enough. What you have NOT covered, however, are things like fretboard radius, neck thickness, fret size and material, etc., all of which would be important to me. You're not going to find a wide selection of LP bodied guitars on longer scales, but there are a few out there. For a lot of reasons, your set of specs is extremely easy to find on a super strat and not so much on an LP body. My best suggestion would be to consider the Agile custom order service. If you get to that point, I have a few caveats which will make the likelihood of getting what you want much higher.
Just a word on the pickups as there was no comment yet. Your guitar seems to come with alnico pickups; while this isn't a no-no for metal, ceramic pickups are more commonly preffered for heavier style metal music. The tone is definitely different. To me, the alnico's have a buzz like a beehive, and the ceramics have that crunch we're more accustomed to hear. That said, you likely have to install them or get them installed, as chances of getting the pickups you like preinstalled in the guitar is close to zero.

You can check major manufacturer's websites and find some demos on youtube. Some of those are:

Seymour Duncan

Recently I'm considering getting the DiMarzio "D Activator X" neck and bridge set because I'm so particular about the rail pickups, and these seem to be good for the heavier styles.
The Kramer Assault Plus also looks to fit the bill of what you are looking for, possibly a pickup change needed for your tastes.
The Schecter C-1 Hellraiser Hybrid is an awesome guitar. Definitely good for metal. 
I haven't tried it yet but the Sun Valley Super Shredder is probably decent as well and I believe there is white model for around $700.

Ibanez Prestige RG guitars are up there too. 
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