Hey guys,

I've been messing around with an idea for my pedalboard where one row is for 'clean' effects, and the other is all dirt/EQ/overdrives/etc. I want an A/B switch towards the front of the chain that toggles between the two rows. Now, the chain looks like this-

Guitar--->Tuner--->A/B Switch (A)--->Overdrives------> ? --->Clean Amp
                                            (B)--->Reverbs----------> ?   /

I'm looking for anything that can take these two rows of effects and merge them into one output, so that I can effectively switch between them using the A/B switch. I found this dual input cable online and was wondering if there were any drawbacks to using this? Maybe I'm just floored at finding a $5 solution to this, seems too good to be true lol. If anyone has a better suggestion, I'd love to hear them.

Ahhh I see what you mean at the end of the chain.. I haven't tried it myself but I don't see why it wouldn't work
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That's a stereo cable.  You should try to find a mono cable, although it may work.  But the bigger issue is that you shouldn't tie outputs together.  It's a bit unknown what will happen if you do.  If you really wanted to make a cable like that you should put a resistor (maybe 10K to 47K) inline with each cable so that one output isn't loaded by the other.  The output specs for pedals is not really definitive.  So the results may vary based on the last pedal of each chain.
Figured it's worth posting here just in case anyone finds this thread down the line; I found the solution, but it isn't as cheap as previously hoped for.


Thankfully this guy on reverb is cranking the core concept of these pedals out kinda cheap, I found a lot of "active mixers" like it for around $160.


Here's one that's a bit more in depth, it even has an fx loop in it.

Thank for the responses, sent me in the right direction!
That's the cable.  But I don't recommend shorting outputs.  That mixer pedal looks like the way to go.
The Tonebone is the best way to go.

But it's worth noting that some MultiFX (like the Line 6 HD500X) have the ability to divide your input into two completely different rigs that can be then run into a stereo power amp (if desired), can be run into two separate speakers or bridged, mono, in to a single speaker (you won't have stereo imaging at that point). But they can be individually EQ'd within the MultiFX tonally and for relative volume, etc. Obviously you can bring separate groups of FX, amp sims and cab sims within the unit itself or (with some better units) you can run separate FX loops with external pedals and insert them, using internal routing, wherever they fit the best.