On my first guitar build I have just foolishly (yup, I'm gutted with myself), managed to put a few scratches in the back of my first homemade guitar body. Due to delivery circumstances I had to route out the neck cavity after I received delivery of said necks. Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to my bench and laid the body onto my work bench and put a couple of small and relatively minor gouges and dings into the body on a couple of loose screws. Not too much damaged but to my eye it is noticeable.

I have already applied a couple of coats of sanding sealer and a single layer of clear (not the ideal method but time is limited so I tried to make hay whilst the sun was shining) prior to this evenings efforts and screw ups. What is my best method from here. I have a purple/black sunburst acrylic lacquer finish to go over the guitar body.

Shall I just proceed?
Sand down the minor offending areas and continue as planned?
Sand the whole body down and start fresh with the finish?

This is my first build and is a very early (by about 3/4 years) gift for my 2 year old daughter - I'm sure she won't mind, but it will probably offend my eye a little until I convince myself to ignore it

Realistic opinions on what to do from here on it please  Sorry, can't upload pictures of the areas as my internet connection is...terrible!! 
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Is your burst solid or transparent? Solid would cover up a bit of filler.

Myself, I'd probably crack on and put it down to experience.  If that's the worst that happens on your first build then you're doing okay.

Only you can balance up the amount it bothers you vs. the effort required to fix it (to your satisfaction) vs. the time you have available.
Semi transparent in the middle to solid edges (but a pickguard over it).

My engineering side has taken over and I just can't stand to let myself put out sub par work so I've scribbled pencil over the worst areas and will be sanding it back. Might as well do it right or it could set me on a slippery slope for future builds

I'm quite surprised I routed the neck pocket right and the bridge is correctly placed. Measure twice - well, about 15 times with me - +/- 1mm on all measurements - anything else would make me ill  

Thanks for the reply though  
Dents can oftentimes be steamed out.  Sand off the sealer over the dents, put a couple drops of water on them.  Finally cover with a damp rag and apply heat with something like a soldering iron or a clothes iron.  The steam expending should push the dents out.  It won't make them disappear but it should make them significantly less dramatic. 
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