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Been playing guitar 4 years now (not continuously) Someone gave me a FENDER CD-60 Acoustic Guitar Does anyone of you have an experience using it. Can you please tell me how's the durability and sound quality of the guitar  Is is still the same after a long time? Like a year? Would really appreciate any response Thank you   
If it is brand new, then the tone might change quite a lot over a period of weeks or months. If the guitar is a year or two old, then I wouldn't expect much change in the medium term. I've got nothing against all-laminate guitars, my favourite for fingerpicking is one such, you have to trust your ears and decide whether you like it or not. String age will have a major effect on tone.
Tony Done 
I see. Thank you Tony at least I heard an experts opinion.
Also the strings of my guitar is kinda far away from the fret board (not like my old guitar which is broken) especially when it comes nearer the sound hole. 
I was just wondering if it is advisable to adjust the saddle, or just let it be. Some of my friends says that it will adjust in time. I dunno what to do. having hard time finger picking since the strings are far away.
And yes the guitar is brand new. Well I guess It is not a good idea that I bought it. I should have bought that Morris acoustic guitar from the Japan Surplus. 
It is a vintage guitar but it sound so good. 
If the strings are far away from the fretboard that is, the action is high, then it is unlikely to improve with time. You should lower the action. First check that the neck relief is OK, and adjust the truss rod if necessary, then lower the saddle. I aim for about 1.7 mm at the treble side and 2.5 mm at the bass side, measured at the body (12th or 14th) fret..