Experienced Bass tabbers who like Motown?

Well, that''s a bit of a rhetoric question, right? Motown is James Jamerson, and even Rock fans usually credit him for the progress he caused within the world of the groove.

However ... if you do like Motown, you might want to participitate in the Motown Discography Project, which is hosted by the Group "MOTOWN Tabbers" and can be joined here:

The group is quite new, so it's just getting structured.
There are already a couple of active chord tabbers in the group, so now the next step is to acquire some ambitious bass tabbers.

You'll find some requests there (for pragmatical reasons mainly starting in 1959, when Motown was founded), but for sure you also can tab Motown stuff that is not explicitly requested. - Each kind of contribution is welcome.

Just check it out (link above) and join, if you like  
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