Can We Submit a File With Drumming Tabs Only ??? (for a starting point for guitarists to write the guitars)

Good day guy!

Is it Acceptable to upload Guitar Pro Tabs of songs where only the drumming has been written? 

The reason I ask is because I am a drummer and I get so annoyed at the incorrect drumming that some people write with the tabs they submit... I have tabbed the drumming for many songs already that aren't even on this site but they are in the request list.

So my thought is to write drumming for songs that have not been tabbed yet and then submit them for guitarists to use in order to tab the guitars? Its also a great way to make sure the time signatures and tempos are spot on seeing as they will be written by the person who is responsible for keeping the timing of a song.

What do you think? 
waynedevillie1 Hi and welcome to Forum!

Sorry, but at the moment it's unacceptable. It's described in Ultimate Guitar Tablature Guide:

A big advantage of Guitar Pro tabs is that they consist of separate instrument tracks, so musicians can learn their respective parts. Every Guitar Pro tab should be made as a complete and self-sufficient song, with guitars, bass, drums, vocals etc.

A tab having guitar and vocal tracks only is a good start, but it still counts as incomplete and will not be approved.

Exception: Non-guitar songs and songs with multiple guitars that were arranged for a single guitar are allowed to have a sole instrument track.

The reason is that some people some time ago started to split complete Guitar Pro tabs into individual tabs for each instrument and tried to submit them as their own work in order to get a lot of IQ points.

In your case, you can convert your Guitar Pro files to text format and submit it (e.g.

Another option is a little more complicated and needs cooperation with our Guitar Pro contributors. For example, start a thread in Tab Talk Forum with your proposal and reach an agreement with some of them to submit Guitar Pro tabs alternately in order to share IQ points.

If you are more enthusiastic and not obsessed with the idea of getting IQ points, you can attach your GP files to tab requests to help other contributors to fulfill the request in the right time signatures and tempos.
Hi there!!! Thanks so much for the helpful response! I Don't really care about the IQ points, I just want to help other musicians and drummers like me who get frustrated not being able to find what they are looking for... I think I'll try the last option you mentioned! Thanks so much!! =D