I like it! I can't quite explain why though. Kinda stonery alt-metal.
I don't generally like phasers either, but somehow it works well here! The solo really fits too.
You defo need to get some bass on there fatten it up properly though and some of the drum fills are a bit sparse.

Overall, it's really cool and I want to hear it finished!

Here's mine :
Yes, this song needs bass! 

Right away I noticed that, the guitars sound just fine and it's a nice tone but the lack of bass really stands out. It needs that extra weight to it. Otherwise it's a pretty solid and steady jam. Some nice leads, I like your phrasing! The effects at 3:20 where really cool! It gave it a nice...spacey feel. I like this kind of soloing, it's not flashy or overdone, just nice melodic playing! You made this drum track jam work really well, plays along nicely and goes with all the little change ups. Enjoyable listen! Just needs some-a-that-bass! 

This is my track...
Hey, very nice track considering it was made with a backing track from YT, it would be cool if you wrote your own drums though, to add more variey in the song, make some parts more chill, others more intense, etc. The guitars sound good, like the posters above have said, add some bass guitar, it would give more power & depth to the rythm chords at 0:52 for example, they sound cool, but they sound a bit thin now, bass and more guitar layers would solve that. I also liked the riff that starts at 0:30, sounds pretty full and nice. The solo is pretty awesome, has some feeling to it, but sounds a bit drowned in the mix. The main riff is pretty badass!

Good job on the track!
Hello there.

Sorry for the waaaaaaaay late response. I have been away for a while only just saw your comment and link on my old track.

Anyway, nice composition on this one - it would take me way longer than a day to come up with anything that complex. I agree with what was said above about it needing some bass. I also think that maybe making a more different tone for each of the guitars might have enhanced it a little.

Overall good work.