I'm considering on getting a Furman SS-6B 6-Outlet Power Strip because of all of the reviews stating it has made their tube amps less noisy.  


What I like to know is how much better is the Furman to my Belkin Surge Protector Power strip which says it does the same or would I just be buying another power strip which will give me the same results I already have?

Dunno -- never tried one. I've used a Furman before, but it was a rackmount and a lot more expensive. I'm guessing the technology is not the same, however.
I don't have a lot of faith in Amazon reviews, and I'm pretty skeptical about claims for surge protection strips. YMMV and I'm always ready to be pleasantly surprised. I'd double check their return policy. Worst case, it's "Dang, suckered in again" and you've got another power strip around the house.

I have a rack-mount conditioner (Carvin AC-120) that actually seems to do something with the power, but I mostly use it to tell me what the actual voltage is at the wall and because it will fire everything up sequentially. That is, it will activate one socket at a time with a pause in between (programmable), and that helps eliminate surges. In cases where the house circuits are really dodgy, a power strip will do absolutely nothing for you, so I take an old server-class Uninterruptible Power Supply with what amounts to a car battery inside. This one makes sure I have the right voltage all the time, and it smooths out the power delivery. It's also a far more effective protection in case of a surge (surge protectors usually just blow out a breaker or internal fuse, and often too late to protect your gear). But it's also heavy, bulky and a bit of a PIA to cart around. Then again, I've hauled it anywhere that we're doing a gig on generator power (outdoors, etc.)...
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dspellman I'm going to pass on the Furman.  
I'm starting to think its just a regular power strip and won't make things less noisy than they already are.