So, I plan on getting a new electric guitar soon. At the moment, I'm looking at the PRS SE ZachMyers (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SEZMTG3), the Squier CV '50s Tele (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/TeleCV50BB), and I'm also thinking about waiting to get a Chapman 2017 model after some reviews come out. I'm also willing to look into any recommendations given to me.
          I've played the guitar for about 3 years now. I have a Squier Affinty Strat, which I love, and one of the Epiphone Special models (I believe it's one the poplar models. It's in a black to orange burst.) , which I've grown rather indifferent to. 

        Just going off of the "Get and Give Advice Guidelines"
        Budget: I'm trying to stay under $1000, but I'm willing to go up to $1,500. I just need to save more money and grow some patience if the guitar is over $1,000.
        Location: Greenville, SC. Specifically, in the boondocks and more southern/redneck part, but there's a Guitar Center right next to my high school.
        New or Used: couldn't matter less to me as long as the used is in good condition
        Willing to order online: extremely because my GC has terrible selection. Great staff though.
       Amps and Gear: For my amp, I mainly use a Vox Valvetronix VT20X Hybrid and Bias FX/Amp. I also I have a mini 10 watt Fender Frontman. As for stompboxes, I have a Digitech Element XP, that I used a ton when starting out, but Bias FX and the VT20X have made it obselete, so I don't really use it much.
       Specify What I Want: I'm looking for a workhorse guitar. Something I'll be able to proudly give to my grandkids. Something I could gig with if gigs ever became a thing for me. As for genres of music I play, I play a lot of alt-rock such as Skillet, Icon For Hire (there first album anyways, there 2nd and 3rd are really electronic), Three Days Grace, Nine Lashes, Halestorm We As Human (R.I.P. 😭😫), Ashes Remain, Black Veil Brides and Andy Black, Evanescence, Fireflight, Flyleaf and Lacey Strum, Hawk Nelson, Sent By Ravens, Thousand Foot Krutch, VERIDIA etc. I also do a lot of country (Vince Gill, Thomas Rhett, Tim McGraw, Kip Moore, Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley,Gloriana, Miranda Lambert, Lee Brice, Eric Church, Zac Brown Band, Eli Young Band, Dan + Shay,  Tyler Farr, NEEDTOBREATHE, Maren Morris, Lady Antbellum, Rhett Walker Band (Ehh Southern Rock, close enough) The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts, Hunter Hayes, High Valley, Billy Currington) and CCM/P&W/Worship Rock (Skillet, again, 7th Time Down. Abandon, The Afters, Bethel Music, Hillsong, Big Daddy Weave, Casting Crowns, Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Zach Williams, Elevation Worship, Jeremy Camp, Jon Bauer, Jordan Feliz, Kutless, Switchfoot, Relient K, Lauren Daigle, Matthew West, MercyMe, Plumb) and Punk (We Are The In Crowd, Set It Off, Paramore, Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, Green Day, Blink 182, The Nearly Deads, Fit For Rivals). I also like the bands Dorothy and Daughtry, I just don't know where to categorize them. I'm looking for something that does country, alt rock, and punk well.

As for features,

- I don't care about the body shape
- I like very acoustic like necks.  Fender necks are fine, but I hate doing power chords on them. I love PRS necks. Les Paul necks are ok.
- I don't really care about pickup configuration. I would prefer a humbucker in the bridge, but I'll compromise easily since I'm considere a SS Tele anyways
- I don't really care for active pickups
- Preferably 22 frets or more, but I'll compromise since I'm already considereing a 21 fret tele
        That's about it. Thank you in advance for your help. I'm open to suggestions of which of the 2 guitars I should get and other guitar suggestions I haven't thought of.
Well, with those prices new, you could just about get both. Quite honestly, with your range of artists, it actually might serve you best.

You might also consider something with either a colil-splitting feature and/or an HSS pickup configuration. I could be wrong, but the Zach Meyers PRS linked doesn't have coil splitting humbuckers as some models do. 
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

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My vote would be for the PRS.  For me, its a better guitar. Great workmanship, great feel, satin neck feels nice, good sound, but thats me.  Get the one that pulls your strings.
If your budget is near $1000 you have plenty of good options out there. I'm assuming the Bias is your main amp setup, so in terms of versatility you should be able to dial in patches for just about any tone you want no matter the guitar. With that going for you, the only guitars in your price range that to me are "automatically eliminated" would be guitars that are inherently limited in their tonal palette. Also, I think you could be satisfied by either a humbucker loaded guitar or something loaded with a single coil voiced to your needs.

First off, could you clarify something that's confusing me since you say your budget is around $1000 - why have you listed two guitars that fall well below that as guitars you're considering? Granted, I don't think either of those are *bad* necessarily (I'll dig more into this) but in general you're going to get a better guitar the closer your get to the higher end of your budget.

I don't have a ton of experience with either of the lines you mentioned, but here's my thoughts on both:

PRS SE - I've played some of these over the years and fwiw I think they play and feel pretty nice, and the pickups aren't bad either. That said, a few of these I've played (just for some in-store noodling) seemed to have some tuning stability issues. I'm not sure if the tuning machines or poorly cut nuts were the culprit, and maybe I just stumbled across a couple of lemons purely by coincidence, but I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be buying one I couldn't play first - probably not very. On the bright side, you'd be able to buy a new set of tuners or get a better nut installed with the money you'd have left over, if you do discover tuning issues. (I also believe I've heard, maybe even around this forum iirc, that the more recent SE's have curbed these issues, but I can't be 100% on that.)

Squier CV - I've only played one or two of these briefly, and they felt as nice as basically any Mexican Fender in terms of playability. I have some friends who have, or have owned, one of them and they've all been pretty happy with them. That said, I think you have much better options - especially "out-of-the-box". I think the CV line is very good for what it is - a solid "budget" option for someone needing a step up from their beginner guitar, a solid backup option for a gigging guitarist, OR a very nice modding platform. In your situation, I think there are better options out there if you want to go the Fender route unless your plan for getting a CV is to buy it then dumping money into upgrades. Also, since you're thinking in terms of buying something that you can "pass down" one day, I don't think a Squier falls quite into that category.

For the price range you've listed, I'd look at guitars in the $750-$1000 dollar range in the Fender, Gibson, PRS S2, and Reverend lines - and my opinion the Fender options in this price range are excellent in terms of the guitar you get out-of-the-box for the price you pay. The Gibson offerings aren't bad, though quality control for those can be hit-or-miss and I've not had much experience with the PRS S2 line, but I assume it's a step up from the SE's.
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+ Bjgrifter

I plan to get both eventually, but like I said, I'm a high schooler. I'm under my parents rules, and they say one guitar right now, then focus on your car payment,then we'll see about another guitar, so I'm trying to find something that's the best of both worlds (By that I mean something that will cover the cleans and slightly dirtys I need for P&W and country and the full on dirtys for alt-rock and punk). I'm leaning towards the Zach Myers model because I love PRS necks and a lot of country guys have started using PRS. Since it was designed with the guitarist of an alt-rock band, I'm covered there. I think it would cover punk pretty well too. As for P&W, I know of a few P&W guys who use one so... yeah, I guess it works for that.


Like I said above, I'm a high schooler so with a car payment, so the more under $1000, the better, but I'm willing to save up a little more and get something $1000 or over because I'm trying to get something that will cover all of my favorite genres well, last me a long time, and work for gigging because I'd love to start gigging eventually.

As for the PRS SE range, in recent years, those guitars have become absolutely amazing. I actually started looking into them because a good friend of mine has a PRS SE Dave Navarro signature model and he absolutely loves it. I also played a used SE Tremonti Custom from 2015/6 because my GC actually had one. It felt great, had no tuning issues, and honestly I would get a Tremonti without a doubt if they hadn't changed the pickups in the 2017 model. I don't really like the new pickups. The cleans sound so bland. I've had trouble finding a used Tremonti 2015/6, but if I do see one, I might have to go for it.

As for the Squier CV, the main reason I'm looking at that and not a Fender is that I love the pine body. As far as I'm aware no Fender that cost less than $2,000 dollars have pine bodies. I've also heard of those guitars being absolutely amazing quality. They sell like hot cakes whenever Sweetwater gets them in stock, and some professional guitarists like Rob Chapman and such actually bought and liked that specific model. Although, I am interested in another strat (like an HSS https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/StratDHSSRCA , http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender/Special-Edition-Stratocaster-HSS-Electric-Guitar.gc or ash strat https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/StratDSMSBT), I think I'd be better off just changing the pickups in my current strat if I wanted a new strat.

On a side note though, what does everyone think of the new Chapman guitars? I'm interested in the new ML1 Pro and Ghost Fret Pro, but I just don't know. I'm going to wait for some reviews on those, but I'm just curious.

Speaking of Gibsons, what do you think of this - http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/2014-LPM-Electric-Guitar-Satin-Cherry-1382969904195.gc?source=4TP7F8BA&mscr=2078414_18745 - GC just put it on sale, and I actually like it, but I'm not too sure since I'm not very keen on the Epi Les Paul Special I have. (I think this is the LPS - https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ENSVVSVCH).  Anyone know if the 2017 SG Standard T would be get for those genres? I looked into that too, and its on the upper side of my price range, but I love the pickups in the guitar.

On the topic of PRS S2's, I looked into those, but I just don't see the value. The single cut is almost double the price of the Zach Myers and the semi-hollow single cut is double the cost of the Zach Myers. Plus I don't like the pickups in the singlecut, but I do in the Zach Myers. Speaking of pickups, the S2 custom 24 still uses Korean-made pickups, so I still don't really see the value. The only one I'm interested in is the Mira. (Plus Korey Cooper of Skillet uses a Mira)
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Well, then you might look at the SE Custom 24. It's $90 new, but would feature coil splitting. Not exactly the same as a true single coil, but would definitely offer more tonal variety than the Zack Meyers version. If you're only able to get one guitar, flexibility would be something I'd go for given the range of music you're interested in.

Here's a link to the SE Custom 24 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SECU24TG2?adpos=1o1&creative=55280255761&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&product_id=SECU24TG2&gclid=COSFhL7sr9QCFQaJaQoddb0JCw
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

justinguitar.com is the answer

I missed the part about you still being in High School. I know the feeling, I was in the same place once just in rural Ohio. That said, some thoughts and answers to questions:

- First, on Chapman guitars I've never played one but I've heard mainly positive things about them.

- On the topic of the Gibson you listed, it seems people either really love or hate the lower end Gibsons. I've played some that felt nice, and I've heard plenty of lemon complaints and I see them going up for trade fairly regularly in local groups. If you can try before you buy, I'd do so, because Gibson's quality control on the lower end models has a reputation for being hit-or-miss.

- If you've been able to play the PRS SE models and like the way they feel, I don't think they're bad by any means and they do provide a pretty good bang-for-the-buck value. I think they play comfortably, in my experience, and I think they're reliable gigging guitars - I've seen plenty of guys using them in the past few years.

- Same goes for the Squier, though I haven't seen a whole lot of guys using them live personally, I know they're pretty well regarded.

- If you like Strats, you can't go wrong with an HSS Strat. It's my main guitar (JB Jr. & Texas Specials) and in general an HSS is just super versatile, which looks like it's important for you. If you want an HSS, I definitely recommend just buying a better overall guitar than just upgrading an Aiffinity Squier. The Deluxe you listed that's HSS is nice, and IMO the standard Mexican HSS models (like the second one you listed) are a really good options, too. The $500-$800 range in the Fender line is full of good options for you that will be really nice, gig worthy guitars when you get to that point that are going to be able to handle just about any genre you want to play.  

In that range of guitars and aside from aesthetics, the biggest choices you have to make are on pickups and how important a 22nd fret is. The 22 vs 21 fret issue is totally up to you as to how much it matters. On the pickup choice, I think the Mexican stock pickups are pretty good for stock pickups. They're slightly hot and pretty modern voiced. As far as the Deluxe line goes, I'd recommend getting an HSS if you're getting one of the models with Noiseless pickups. I have an American Deluxe with the V3 Noiseless pickups and I've played other Noiseless sets before, and I don't necessarily think the noiseless bridge singles handle heavier rock tones that well.

In my experience with the Noiseless set in my guitar, I've just accepted the fact that I have to adjust either pedals or my amp rig to compensate for a lack of overall roundness when switching to it from my HSS with the JB-TS set. In addition, the model they're in is a Deluxe Plus which came with the Personality Card system, and it wasn't until I started using the "Blender" configuration which blends the neck and bridge into one another via a tone control that I found a setting that worked for me. Of course, since this would be your main guitar this might not be as much of an issue with this, though, and overall I do think the Deluxe's have good pickups.
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my main advice if you only have one guitar to play and you pay 6 strings would be the prs se holcomb. full stop best value availalbe right now.

that being said the zach myers is pretty cool if you like the single cut with an f-hole thing.
But if you like that look the epiphone lp ls is pretty solid as well.
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So, I had realization last night. The Zach Myers definitely has me covered for punk and alt-rock and that sort of thing. A lot of country guys have started using PRS and a fair amount of the use the PRS SC 245 and some even use the Zach Myers model.  The Zach Myers is basically a semi-hollow SE 245. As for worship, I did some googling and a fair amount of worship guitarists use it. Plus a guy called Brian Wahl runs a YouTube channel called Worship Tutorials and he highly recommends the guitar and he is also where I learn to play a lot of worship music, so I think the choice is clear now. I'm going with the Zach Myers and if anything, I'll upgrade the pickups. Maybe a PRS\m/ in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Staurday Night Special in the neck. Although, I think I'll be happy with the stock pickups.

If anyone else has anything I won't be able to respond because I'm goin to a Creative Worship summer camp, and I leave tomorrow morning and go to work in an hour, so this is my last post for a week or so.