I have been having problems with my marshall dsl40c. I get very loud popping noises when i turn on the amp and and the gain doesn't sound as good as it did when i first got the amp. I have had the amp for a little over 8 months. How long does the warranty last on the amp? I really don't want to try and fix the amp myself because that might void the warranty. I live in Sweden.
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Not sure what it is in Europe but in the states IIRC its 5 years on parts and 3 years on labor and speaker?

That doesn't cover tubes and footswitches though. If you have the owners manual it should probably still have relevant warranty info for you. If not, you can always give Marshall a call or email.
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sounds like a tube issue to me i'd try that first and if not then look into getting it fixed
careful not to void your warranty - if you bought the amp new at a store - call them first - they may have someone on staff or on call for warranty work. If you put the wrong type of tube in you can void warranties in some cases.

I 'm guessing your amp, at the very least has a one year warranty - so you should be good to go. 
How long does the warranty last on marshall amps?

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