I purchased a 96 Strat from Reverb yesterday, looks like a beauty with Birdseye figured maple and got a good deal. The thing is, now it doesn really matter either way, but I'm wondering about the reasons for some having black labels and some have silver like mine. I'm doing some research on it, learing about the fire in the plant and what not, left over American made parts, Im hearing that even though some of those units were made with American parts the quality dropped during that time. So, I'm thinking that I might have a Fender Squier series, dont know, serial #MN6235926. Doesnt appear the have rub marks from where maybe it said Squier series. So, just wanting a little input from you guys.
Flying in a blue dream

The silver labels are the typical headstock logo for the MIM Standards of that time with the solid black label's on the Squier series, which typically have the chunky "budget" tuners.