I Have Been Playing for 3 years now and I've had a few different Guitars. Before january I bought a cheap ish guitar so I had something to play and it's been great until recently when I went to practice my trill and soloing. It doesn't wanna hear the sounds,My guitar only has bridge pickups could that be a significant issue? Thanks
A bridge pickup, by virtue of its position, usually has a hard time with volume on the upper frets. If you had a second identical pickup in a neck position on that guitar, it would be significantly louder. It's *possible* that you have some non-level frets and that you might be fretting out, but I'm not surprised that it's tough to work with the last few frets with a bridge-only pickup guitar.
I always start simple - how old are your strings?  Maybe they died.  

Is your Tone knob rolled down?  

You could also have a fret raising up off the fretboard that's buzzing/muting the string.  

It sounds like this is a new problem with this guitar correct?  
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Roughly about 3 weeks. And by rolled down do you mean fucked up cuz yes it is lol I balanced the strings and the pickups again and it helped but it seems like I'm getting feedback from the tone knob now