I know the Hendrix one has the reversed headstock and pickups etc., but will the regular Strat produce as good a sound? What exactly is the difference between the two? Im really just trying to find which one is better value for money. I am a big hendrix fan but if there FA difference between the two then i will find it hard to justify paying 250euro more toe the Hendrix edition. Thanks guys
Hendrix guitars are strung for left handed players I believe.

Since the pickup is slanted it gives a more polarized sound compared to traditional strats.

Definitely look up YouTube videos to make 100% sure the Hendrix guitar is what you are wanting. It's a right handed guitar modified into a left handed guitar.

Don't think you can just reverse strings without further setup, either?
This "Hendrix" is a righty strung righty (near as I can tell). The reversed headstock and opposite-tilted pickup are largely for "the look." There may be a slight difference in the sound of the bridge pickup due to the reverse slant. I'm not sure that there are all that many people who would recognize the effort to "jimi-ize" this guitar nearly half a century later. I'd list the difference as FA and I doubt that I'd pony up the extra Euro for it.
I agree, you'd be a lot better off with a Standard strat (I'd strongly suggest SSS and not the HSS linked, if you're looking for Hendrix type sounds) and an upgraded pickup set. 

It's not strung for lefties, it's just got a reversed headstock. Hendrix played a righty upside-down and strung lefty, but that's not at all what this guitar is, and you can be sure that Fender would be very clear about it if it were. They're not going to accidentally sell a bunch of lefty guitars without mentioning it just because Jimi played lefty. It's clear from the close-up pictures that this is strung righty standard, in case you want to double-check.