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   Ok. So i recently bought a new Epiphone Les Paul standard plus top pro and I had the guitar tech put a tusq nut on it and do a set up. I brought it home and it immediately had fret buzz and the e-minor string was being muted on the first fret. I took it back and he "fixed it" and it happened again. and again. It's a 40 minute drive each was so eventually i said screw it and started adjusting it myself. I loosened up the neck and put a little more relief in it and i raised the one side of the bridge to stop the e-minor string from muting. This worked fine for a few days and then the e-minor string started muting again. Over the course of the next couple of months i have had to keep raising my bridge but the string keeps periodically muting. I probably turned the screw on my bridge about 2 full times if not more (which in my mind is a lot). Right now the string is still pretty much resting on the first fret. Should i keep raising my bridge until it finally stop or is there something else i should be doing? I'm just afraid i am raising it too much. Is two full turns a lot? Thanks for the help.

Sounds like they botched the nut install if the string is resting on the first fret - no realistic amount of neck bow or bridge height will fix that.  Can you post some pics?  
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I agree. Sounds like the nut was cut low on that string or not set properly.
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The string is currently slightly above the fret but as soon as the temperature/humidity changes slightly it will rest on it just enough to start to mute it.
Well damn, for some reason my pictures won't show up. The nut was my first thought but it was a precut one so I figured he couldn't screw it up.