Hey just purchased this guitar from a guitar shop in Tucson.
My first issue is the headstock is labeled "2nd"
2nd issue when I search the serial number right below that I can not find any info on it
3rd the sticker on the inside of the body has only "BL" under serial number.
If anyone can help me out here and let me know if my guitar is authentic or can help me out with any details that would be awesome.
I'm trying to add pictures but I'm having a little trouble so I'll do my best to add them ASAP

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Factory second guitars are usually ones with some sort of cosmetic flaw or defect. BL may indicate a QC inspector or a batch number. 
It doesn't mean it's real, or not real, and it's hard to say more without photos, but it does make some sense.It seems unlikely that anyone would fake a factory second guitar. Epiphone serial numbers are so scattershot that even a legitimate one will often pull up no information, and honestly on many guitars the serial number is just not a good source of information. You can try entering it in the guitar dater project but I wouldn't worry if it doesn't find anything. http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx

Adding pictures is easiest if you use a hosting site like imgur and then paste the URL here using the "" tagged links from the host site. 
I own an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I bought used on EBay that is stamped "2nd". It's an excellent playing guitar but has a deep scratch on the neck. I think that is why it is a "2nd". Personally for the price I paid for it I don't care. It's a black Epi LP Standard with some kind of white undercoat so the scratch is easy to see because of the white showing through. The scratch isn't anything that you can feel when you play and I only paid $180 for the guitar and it plays great. I suggest the BL stands for "blemish". It's just a cosmetic thing. Probably nothing more than a scratch or two or something off on the finish. If it plays well, enjoy.
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Here's the he serial number tag

Saein factory, Korea Sept '05

and yes, you overpaid
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Rickholly74the thing is I paid $850 for it. I may call for a discount.

For a factory second Epiphone?

That's a total ripoff.
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