I saw an HSS Valley Arts Cali Pro pop on craigslist for $850. It looks like insane value. Does anyone know anything about these guitars? All I've found out is that they were custom made in California up until the mid 90's. The few I've seen online go over $1000+ so if this is legit, I want to grab this while it's an incredible deal.

I'd never heard of them but people are asking wild prices for some of their models on Reverb. Not this one, but...wow. 

Searching completed listings on eBay found this exact guitar sold out of France about a month ago, for less than the current price:

Take from that what you will. 
Roc8995 That settled it. The photos in both ads are the exact same. That confirms my suspicions that the ad I saw on craigslist was a scam. thanks for the help
t's not impossible that it was shipped from France to SC and now it's being resold by someone too lazy to take new pictures. You could message the seller to verify where it was shipped. 

Either way, prices on USA guitars are generally higher in Europe so if it sold for 750ish there, 850 is probably not a steal in the US. 
Roc8995 You've got a point. I'll still look in to it but also the guy won't reply to my calls or emails, so that's a red flag too. I just don't really see how a limited run boutique guitar made it all the way to Europe
Oh, private sale sites ship them over there all the time. I've sent several guitars to Europe, many folks over there know where to find American instruments and sometimes seek them out because they're more rare on that side of the ocean. 

Most recently I sent a custom Telecaster to a fellow in France who was just thrilled to add it to the collection, he had a whole bunch of other boutique American telecasters he'd bought used from various internet forum ads and whatnot. All it takes is a resourceful buyer and a seller comfortable shipping overseas. Because of the scarcity in Europe, buyers there seem more willing to pay full asking price, too, so everyone wins  
Roc8995 I actually found a website dedicated to these guitars. I emailed one of the admins about an appraisal and he said this one is from 92 when Samick briefly owned the brand. They only manufactured them for less than a year before the VA owners pulled out of the deal because the significant drop in quality. Pretty much confirms that this is a scam.
Roc8995 he said if I it's in good shape and I can get it for roughly $500, it's not a bad deal. They're still USA made (assembled in usa. Some components made in Korea). It's still got the original Seymour Duncan's so I'll get in contact with the guy and see what he can offer. Thanks for the help