First time I've gone public with this song. It was originally written and recorded (with no multi-track recorder) in 1982 with a Sequential Circuits Pro-One mono-synth using its primitive step sequencer, a Moog Opus III, and a very simple Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-55 drum machine (all at once). My first ever recorded original song back then. What I posted today is a re-recording of that song doing everything on a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module that I did in 1994. If it sounds dated, it's because it is rather old, though the 80's seem to be making a come back. Anyway, tell me how you like the song and how it can be improved and I promise to return the favor (leave me a link). The song is called "Stratus Escape", and it's the song at the top of this link:

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what a cool tune. Reminds me of something from Pink Floyd "Animals". That's a high complement from me. The sound is rich and clear and the mix is perfect. It had it cranked up while cleaning up my studio after my last song.   

Thanks for listening to my latest.

P.S, should be compliment. For some reason my iPad won't let me go back and correct it. It was not an obscure hematology reference.
Hey aaron thanks for checking out my tune.  I like the retro style a lot, almost reminds me of the sound track to a John Carpenter movie.  Felt a bit short and that it ended abruptly though but I dig it.
I see "vintage synth" and I interested. 

Cool! That's a sweet bassline and the drums hit hard. I like that bit where they change up and do some fills. The synths sound cool and add a level of...mystery to it. The main entry, oh man I love a good ol' keyboard sound like that. Such a brief moment though how could you tease it like that! Ha ha, that was cool for a nice little piece. I would have liked some more of that sweet synth in the end but otherwise it was a neato listen! 

Oh no a new song where I sing super out of key I bet. 
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Hey Aaron! Sorry for the delay in my C4C!

Been a huge fan of yours for years. You've always made incredibly unique, atmospheric, and catchy music!
With that said, I'm gonna crit as I go, so here goes!

Loving the intro so far, very classic synth sound you've got going on. The swells in the beginning are a nice addition to the build up, and the mixing thus far is excellent! When the harmony swells and drums kick in, it makes me want a little more! The little synth solo could also be longer, and I MISS YOUR VOCALS. For me, part of the allure with most of your music is the groove/vocal combination! Definitely ALOT of potential here for you to expand it, and I don't have any complaints other than I want to hear more! Overall, it's a great start, and I hope that you can do some more with it!!!