I wanted to share a song I wrote for my band Drown Silence.

Check it out here: 

I've been a follower of UG for a long time now and someone who would love to get some feedback from other UGites.

I recorded this at home. For better quality - hear on headphones.
Hope you guys like it.

Rock n roll!
I didn't understand a word you said since I don't speak the language, but I don't recall ever hearing a rock song in this language, so that's kind of cool. Instrumentally everything sounds rather good. Singing is pretty good, occasionally a little pitchy; though as usual, I prefer the more melodic singing. Well done overall. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Nice work. I don't understand a single word, except for shalom and shiva. Although I might be wrong on those as well.  I like the song. It's got a cool groove. I liked the solo around 2:17. I thought the drums were just a tad high in the mix. Especially in the beginning when they kicked in,

wont you give my latest a listen?