I was posting on another thread about a guitar I purchased on EBay very cheap. After some minor work it turned out to be a very nice guitar that needed some tender loving care and a little elbow grease to fix up but it was well worth the time. I wonder how many good stories there are about finding a beat up or generally unplayable guitar and turning it into something nice. Here's my story, tell us yours.

I was working with a great luthier to learn how to work on guitars (set ups, fret dressing, re-frets, basically anything except finishing). I went on EBay looking for a used and beat up guitar that I could use to practice on, something of quality that cost very little and I didn't care about. I found an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that looked like it had been used and abused extensively by the pictures and was being sold "as is-no refund". I ended up getting it for $150 and $30 shipping. When the guitar arrived I was amazed at how dirty it was. It literally had dirt (soil) all over the guitar (around, even under the pickups and on the headstock especially). The action was so high it was unplayable. When I tried to plug in my cable to check the electronics I found there was a broken off cable end stuck in the guitar. What a mess. I started disassembling the hardware and cleaning the guitar and found that underneath all the dirt and crude there was a nice guitar with very few scratches and no major dings. The nut was not original and was very high and needed to be filed in both the string slots and on the bottom to lower it and bring down the action. I stripped the guitar down completely and cleaned ever inch of it. I did a good set up and fret dressing, removed the broken cable stuck in the guitars output, reassembled the guitar and it came out great. My only expense was a few hours work. I leave this guitar at my partners for rehearsing.

As an added note, I had never played an  Epiphone Les Paul before. I had owned a Gibson Les Paul since 1977 but I was so impressed by the Epiphone LP I had fixed up that now I own five Epiphone Les Paul's of various modals (Ultra 2, Standard, Custom and two Tribute's). Three I bought used and two new. Love them.

Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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I picked up a used no-name (literally- the name was sanded off the headstock) Strat copy at Guitar Center about 10 years ago for like $90. It had the 3 standard single coils with a maple neck & fretboard. It was black with an off-white pickguard...I think it was originally white but discolored with age. It played well and stayed in tune just as well as any budget strat. It was black, and was in rough shape...paint was chipping and peeling and it was dinged up pretty good.

The only thing I did was slap a Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge position, and covered the entire thing in various random stickers...still have the guitar today and it rocks.