Hey UG'ists. There are two things I'm looking for at the moment.

1.) Software that makes it easier to type up your own lyrics and add chord notations ALSO with the ability to add chord readings (graphic chord finger placement pictures?) to the top or bottom of any page.

I write my own lyrics as well as 'decrypt' songs from some of my favorite artists. Therefore, many lyrics and chord sheets do not yet exist for these artists and their songs.

2.) What is your method of printing lyrics from Ultimate Guitar or other places around the interwebs?

I really like the graphic chord finger placement pictures at the top of most chord sheets. I'm using PrintEdit, an extension for Firefox builds, which makes it possible to select certain parts of a page and delete everything else from the page. Usually I just leave the chord finger placement at the top and the lyrics. Nothing else. And it works! BUT. Once I hit the Print Preview button, the chord pictures at the top of the page revert to web script (I don't know what it's called exactly, but it reverts to text rather than the nice graphic image on the standard webpage).

I know there's a print button at the bottom of any tab/chord lyrics sheet, but the font face and text chord graphics are really hard for me to read. I just like being fancy. There is a method to the madness.

3.) Once I figure out how to start typing up my own lyrics, how would I go about submitting them to Ultimate Guitar? And would I need permission from the recording artist before posting lyrics and chords from music they have created??

Thanks a lot to anyone who feels like helping me out here.

I do already know of a few programs that would be of use for my first problem, but they're a bit complicated, using script and whatnot... SongBook, Chorastic, OpenSong all allow you to type up lyrics with chord notation. Chordastic being the most user friendly and basically a copy of SongBook. I'd much rather use a normal word processor and add graphic chords if I can figure out how to do that. Finding chord graphics, etc etc.
OR is there a collection of guitar chords diagrams that I can download and then append to my own lyrics sheets created in something like Word or LibreOffice?

I really like the diagrams here, as they are horizontal while most others are vertical. The horizontal diagrams are much more easily applied since the finger placement is mirrored. You don't have to tilt your head or use your immense brain powers to flip it, then apply the finger placement.

I don't know about anyone else, but those vertical ones give me a headache.
For Printing Lyrics:
Wordpad or LibreOffice

It seems like the simplest way to go about that. I'll just use 1.0 line spacing and color the chord notations in blue. Maybe 1.5 after each line of lyrics if possible.

The problem with this is that Wordpad and most all word processors have a funny way of handling spacing. I can't simply copy and paste chord sheets from Ultimate Guitar to Wordpad without Wordpad deleting the spacing for the chord lines. It's merely an issue of convenience, but it would save me a lot of time printing off lyrics. I can play lots of music!

I can also "de-code" music by ear... or at least pick guitar chords out of most songs. Which is why I asked how to submit chords.

Could anyone guide me through the process of submitting tab/chords to Ultimate Guitar?
Anyone print lyrics around these parts?

I'd love to start posting chords for songs I've transcribed that aren't on UG yet.

If that's the right word... Transcribed? Decrypted? Translated to musical language?
Okay. I found the Submit Tab link up top near the search bar.
I guess I'm sticking with basic word processors like Wordpad or LibreOffice to print lyrics unless I find a more suitable method.

I would say this thread can be closed... but I'm betting there's a way to transfer tab/chord sheets to the Submission text editor. That would make for an easy way to print lyrics with chord notation...

I'll report back if I find anything.

For now, anyone viewing this thread, check out Chordastic if you're looking for dedicated software to print pre-made lyrics sheets or create your own.

Also, here's LibreOffice. I always use the version on top. Currently v5.3.4
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Sorry to see you didn't get much help Terrapin, but I'm glad you were able to find some good resources! Thanks for posting them as you found them.