Hi all,

Quick question, does anyone know if it is possible to use the looper function on the flashback whilst having a delay on? Or should I get a looper as well as a delay pedal.

Many Thanks

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The looper on the Flashback is really limited. You're better off getting an actual looper if looping is something you'll actually be doing regularly.
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I have the flashback 4x.. Whatever settings the knobs are turned to will be the delay the pedal uses in the looper mode.. You can't use your 3 saved presets in the looper mode. I just turn the delay level knob down if I don't want delay in the looper
I have the flashback and the looper is its weakest point.
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cant speak for the larger X4 model, but the regular pedal does one function at a time. Therefore, if you select the looper, it won't have delay.