So this is my very first Electic guitar. Given to me by my cousin Takaharu, when I visited him in Japan 12  years ago or so.

I have absolutely no clue what it is. I tried a look up with the tag on the back of the headstock, half of it is gone but, I've tried looking it up with APEX, ARX, GAX, GRX, AX, ICX, RVX, DTX.

The only things I can see it being is  __X21404 or possibly __X81404 ...or maybe the X might be a Y(or YY for year indication)? I'm running out of ideas guys. If you can help me out I will be forever grateful.

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that's annoying about the serial number, the bit (I think) you want has been rubbed away.

looks a bit like an S model (maybe with a dimarzio pickup in the neck), but that serial number makes me wary- why did someone score it off? some of the rest looks a bit iffy too, that neck joint looks a bit weird. though it could be a cheaper or older model judging by that trem.
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Dave_Mc right? I think I'm SOL because of the scored tag but this guitar feels great. The super thin body is unusual too. I'm just stumped though on ways to identify it.