Petite Fleur
Type - Guitar Pro
Part - Whole Song
Tuning - Standard

I did a bit of research in the official German Charts of 1959, which was the year when these charts started. There were a couple of songs in that year, which I find remarkable enough in some aspects, to request them here. One of them is "Petite Fleur" by Chris Barber's Jazzband.

This is an internationally famous song, and I was surprised that it's not in the UG database at all, yet (even not as chord version, which I will also request, therefore, in a seperate thread). The song has a length of 2:42.

A Guitar Pro file which contains at least the bass part would be great.
If you prefer to only tab a guitar track in Guitar Pro, that would also be fine, since then someone else might later be willing to add the bass part to it.
Additional instruments of the original tune (e.g. drums) and included chord names would be nice, but for myself not really necessary.
In any case, the song version should be distinctively mentioned (e.g. "from the album ..."), and the song structure should be accurate (number of measures, time signature(s), time feel) and written without any kind of repeats. - Otherwise it would be too complicated for others, to collaboratively add further instruments later.

If you'd also like to see this song in the UG database, please upvote this request, to make sure that it will not disappear from the request list until it's completed.

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MazeDaBaze I've submitted chords for this, hopefully others recognize it and feel it is worth approval.   I couldn't find Chris Barber in the database (I have had difficulty adding chords for artists not already attributed tabs) so I added lyrics from Jill Barber and submitted it under her.  In the notes I have links to Jill Barber's version as well as a link and comment that the chords are from Chris Barber's Jazz Band.  I think the lyrics help tracking the song for those unfamiliar with it.  

I'm surprised as well that a chord submission doesn't already exist for this.  I'm wondering what other low-hanging fruit may be lurking in the jazz genre.....Hope you find it useful if it gets through review.  It was a fun one to work on.
psdcc Hey!

That's real great news! Great for all jazz fans, finally!

Only one thing came into my mind until my last posting, but I didn't want to disturb the approval process in any way: Most people will search for Chris instead of Jill Barber and will therefore not find it. Which would be a pity. So do you think, that there is any possibility to either change the performer or otherwise submit the same (or a if really necessary a slightly different one) also for Chris?

And btw I have changed the Artist Name in this request (as well as in the chords request) from "Chris Barber's Jazzband" to "Chris Barber", since the apostrophe gets lost anyway here, and people would just not put "Barbers" in the search field. He anyway appears sometimes with and sometime without his band on this track.
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MazeDaBaze I wonder if the lyrics were removed and just the chords were listed (since it's the Chris Barber recording that I used) would that be accepted?    I can try.  Or maybe I could try to change it from Jill Barber to Chris Barber Jazz Band?   I just changed the artist to Chris Barber's Jazz Band.  We'll see if the change gets approved.
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Hi psdcc 

I justed checked - and all fine!
I put "Chris Barber Petite Fleur" in the search field, and the search engine found it! Perfect!
Many thanks for all your work!!