hi guys i play classical guitar i want to buy a electric guitar for first time..
im confused between yamaha pacifica 012 and cort x1 and Aria STG06 which one should i buy???
pleas answer  soon   

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I have a Yamaha Pacifica which I play all the time, in preference to my Strat and my Ibanez.
I also have a Cort acoustic guitar and believe that their quality is also good.
Not sure about the Aria, I have one of their skeleton guitars but it needed some modifications to make it good enough.

I suggest you get a second hand Pacifica off Ebay or somewhere local so you can try it out (there are loads) at about 1/2 price and use it to learn, they are usually well set up from the factory with good action. Even if you get a more expensive one for gigs the Pacifica will be good enough as a back-up since it can output a variety of tones from its three pickups.
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