So, I'm learning how to tap, and it's pretty straightforward, but I find getting enough sound out is super hard.. does anyone have any tips for actually getting a louder sound?  The loudness is really only decent if I turn up my amp to a very high volume.

It's mostly my strumming hand having the issues. Of course, I'm probably not tapping hard enough, but I feel like I'm doing it pretty hard..  because my fingers begin to hurt after I practice it for like 15 minutes. Any suggestions or exercises you guys recommend to get me on the right track?
A video would help. If you can hammer on then there's no reason you shouldn't be able to do it.
That's what I was thinking, but I can't play it loud enough like normal hammer ons. I give it a solid, hard tap, and I get very little noise compared to how hard I feel I'm doing it. Which is why I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Maybe I just have to get used to the motion more lol.
If you tap straight down you can deadening the string on the way up, I usually have a slight angle to the attack.
Also high gain helps a lot.
AverageKamijoe You need to "pluck" the string as the tapping finger leaves the string.  It's fairly subtle ... but you don't simply tap your finger down and just lift it off as that generates very little energy to vibrate the string.

The "pluck" is achieved with the finger tip ... it comes off the string vaguely parallel to the plane of the guitar body... either towards your head  (towards your thumb if that's resting nearby)  or towards your foot (bit like aflicking motion, if you're trying to flick crumbs of a table, but you're using your finger tip, not your nail, pushing out at an angle of roughly 30 degrees to the neck).  Either are very easy to do ... you'll soon feel and hear when it's right.
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I guess I just need to keep messing with it until I get comfortable, as I thought. One thing to note, though, is that I'm using a absolutely no distortion; I don't have a pedal yet. Could that be hindering me a bit?
you use pretty much the same technique with the right hand as the left. Fingertip legato is essential for both hands all the time, including when tapping. It's basically like doing a trill. The plucking description is accurate.
AverageKamijoe No ... the technique works just as well on an acoustic guitar (and sounds good).  Just remember you are applying a little force to the string with your finger tip, to move the string very slightly, and as you release, the string reverts to its normal tension.

As an experiment, just place your tapping fingertip on the 12th fret, 3rd string. and applying a lot of force, try and pull the string over to touch the 4th string. as you would with a left hand bend (the string is not coming up into the air ... it is being deviated across the neck).  Obviously you're digging in to stop the string slipping as you're pulling it.  Once it reaches the 4th string, let go.   

(With your left hand, fret say the 3rd fret on the 3rd string ... the higher  up you go (e.g 10th fret) , the shorter the string length to the tapped fret, and the tighter (harder) this will be.  But you can even leave the 3rd string open).  

Instead of pulling as above,  bend in the opposite direction, by pushing the string just with your finger tip  towards the 2nd string, then let go.

This is way more than you actually do in reality.  The needed string deviation is very slight.  

But you should get a feel for what mechanical motion is  needed ...  then reduce the bend as much as you can (i.e reduce the force applied)... it really is tiny amounts needed ... just enough to catch the string a bit so it will vibrate as it returns to its normal tension, and hence sounds out

As a general rule, there should be enough sound coming from the guitar unplugged ... though at high speed, the force can slacken off (with legato say) when the amp sound is correct (when the notes flow into each other).

However, the other thing you then need to get into is controlling string noise, especially at high volumes and using a lot of distortion ... otherwise you'll sound like a blind drunk stumbling through a hardware store :-)   The sooner you master this, the better  all your playing will sound.  There are techniques for this when tapping. But first things first.  

Great guitar sound comes starts at your fingers.  Literally.

Good luck
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Thanks for the tips guys! They're going to help a lot. Especially the detailed advice on plucking and such. I'll be excited to see improvement.