Hey all,
Recently got into playing guitar, about 10 years ago my parents bought me that cheap fender squire guitar and amp combo and that lasted about a month of me just sitting there and doing random stuff. Didn't really have the drive or the attention to learn anything. Fast forward 10 years and my father has started playing guitar and finally got me back into it. Bought a cheap Fender FA-100 and quickly lost interest in acoustic, it just didn't excite me enough to keep wanting to play it. So yesterday I picked up a new LTD SN-200 HSS. I have a lot of questions, I've been doing a lot of research but usually get lost in all different types of lingo or get sidetracked. So here's some questions for all you pro's:

What type of music is best played with an HSS?

I saw somewhere that someone said that you shouldn't use pedals with a "digital amp" and that it might damage it, is this true?

If I were to replace my humbucker with a Seymour Duncan Invader and keep the two stock singles, would it sound off?

Thanks in advance guys. I'm excited to learn a lot in the future.

Edit: I have a Blackstar studio 10 V2 amp.
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Welcome. There is no "better" music for that configuration. Play what you want.

Dirt pedals and some others don't play nice with digital amps but won't actually hurt it.

New pickups likely won't help with that amp.
monwobobbo[/USERSO So would I have to get a tube amp for pedals and new pickups to make a difference? I've been messing around with the guitars setting and I just can't seem to make it sound like any specific bands. Thank you.
You can use pedals with any kind of amp. Also, an HSS has been used for literally every kind of music. An Invader would certainly overpower the single coils. That isn't bad, if that is what you are going for- everyone is different. I'd just play and enjoy the instrument (and learn guitar) before diving down the gear rabbit hole. 
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Mincer Thank you mincer and yes, I definitely will be playing a lot more before I dive into spending more money than I have already. I'm just always a few steps ahead haha, keeps me motivated. I just feel that my humbucker is too weak on my guitar so that's why I might do the upgrade, as I'm huge into punk. I'm most interested with Blink 182... I know... Bring on the hate but that's why a strong single humbucker would be best for me I think. But thank you both for the great information.